Sunday, October 8, 2017

Dr.Murzaleen from kashmir sharing her experience for Cosmetic Dentistry ...

Testimonials By the students :

Cosmetic dentistry training

Dr.Tahir from Saudi Arabia sharing his experience for Lasers and Advance...

1.Laser physics
-understanding unique properties of laser light
-how lasers interact with oral tissues
-factors affecting impact of laser light on oral tissues
2. Types of lasers
-hard tissue
-soft tissue
3. Soft tissue lasers
-covering spectrum of lasers-CO2. Diode, erbium
-indication and contraindication of soft tissue laser
-learning wavelength and operating parameters of soft tissue lasers
4. Periodontal applications of soft tissue laser
-vestibular extension
-crown lengthening
-depigmentation-gum bleaching
-excisional biopsy
-laser assisted flap surgery
-treatment of leukoplakia by lasers
-treatment of lichen planus by lasers
-pocket disinfection by lasers

Day 2
-Live demonstration of periodontal procedures by diode laser
-laser vs conventional sugery
- laser safety

Rotary Endodontics testimonials by the other participants

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Componeers | Composite veneers | Same Day Smile | Cosmetic Bonding

Beautiful and affordable smile in a single procedure!

Modern dentistry offers multiple options to have a beautiful smile. The selection is wide: ceramic crowns, veneers, #LUMINEERS – all these solutions are available but pricey.

Restoring your teeth with fillings is significantly cheaper but this won’t guarantee you a beautiful result. Over time, fillings become visible and need to be polished regularly and can also break off.

Componeers give you a beautiful smile at an affordable price.

What are componeers?

Componeers are prefabricated nano-hybridcomposite enamel shells that are strong and extremely thin. Componeer shells are only 0.3 mm thick! Besides that, they do not contain any air bubbles that may occur between the layers of fillings during the ordinary teeth restoration. Shiny and naturally shaped surface ensures a beautiful smile.

When should you have componeers installed?

Your front teeth have many fillings;
To cover restored teeth and give them natural shape;
To correct and straighten your teeth line;
 To make your teeth shade whiter;
To improve the appearance of worn teeth;
How are componeers installed?

Before installing componeers you are invited to a consultation at our specialist Dr Rajat Sachdeva.

The procedure of installation is carried out in a single visit at our clinic and it can take 2 to 4 hours, depending on the number of componeers. During the installation procedure the outer surface of your teeth is appropriately shaped in order to get the best result, and the shells are fixed unto the outer surface of your teeth with a filling material. Local anaesthesia is used and the old fillings are replaced, if necessary.
#Sameday #smile concept with beautiful direct #compositeveneers #Componeer ) #componeer #componeers #componeerbrilliant #componeersbrillant #componeersmile. #cosmeticbonding involves no drilling, no injections and is minimally invasive.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Testimonial for master Clinical Implants training 66th Batch | Nobel Bio...

Advanced Implant Program .Live Surgeries.Unparalleled Experience.

Treatment on your own patient.
Implant Demographics – The Need is Everywhere
Profit and Implants in your Practice
Treatment Planning for the Implant Patient
Anatomical Basis for Implant Selection and Positioning
Strategies From the Single Tooth to the Whole Mouth
Selection of Implants and Positioning for Esthetics
Removable Prostheses – Implant Supported
Impression Techniques
Cement Retained Prostheses
Cementation Techniques
Cement Retrievability
Implant Occlusion
Marketing Your Implant Practice for Profit.

Live Surgery by Doctors (Live Surgery on own patient, Assist in surgical procedure with colleague, Participate in case discussions, Experience multiple days of LIVE Surgery)
Review of 16 Implant Systems
Allographs-Materials, Techniques and Indications
Autografts-Chin and Ramus, Techniques and Indications
Common Bone Defects Treated with Autografts
Posterior Maxilla Treatment Consideration-Sinus Lift.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Megagen Implants | Megagen Anyridge Implants | Dr.Rajat Sachdeva | Denta...

AnyRidge is the first #implant system to introduce the concept of progressive thread design. It's a game changer.

More Cortical Bone Preservation
Advanced coronal design allows maximum cortical bone conservation around implants. Beyond osseointegration, AnyRidge can assure a beautiful gingival line.
The 5 ° morse taper connection provides a perfect hermetic seal and virtually eliminates the screw loosening.
Implants do not lose stability in the first few weeks - less operations and faster possible final fixation .
Faster osteointegration due to #XPEEDcoating (#osseointegration for only 4-6 weeks)
Smaller #osteotomy maintains significantly cortical plate. Maintains gum thickness ,
Unique #KnifeThread - Round faced and narrow thread design. Less insertion torque. Excellent initial stabilization. Resistance to #compressive force. Minimal shear force creation. Higher #BIC..
Common platform irrespective of the size of the implant. - All spacers and implants are interconnected.