Thursday, February 1, 2018

Conscious sedation for kids | Kids Dentistry | Management of anxious kids

Dealing with anxious pedo. patients is a widely recognized common experience which dentists come across each & everyday of their practice. Anxiety often leads to apprehension which does not let kids cope well when it comes to the dental treatment. Management of such anxious kids in dental office is quite challenging.

If anxiety or dental phobia is preventing your child from seeking dental care, contact Dr. Sachdeva’s Dental Institute.

At Dr. Sachdeva’s Dental Institute, we believe in providing our patient with the most comfortable treatment possible. We carefully plan & carry out conscious sedation in order to give your child a positive experience rather than a bad memory. Whatever the procedure is, our primary consideration is patient’s well being

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Good oral
hygiene maintenance is of paramount importance to patients with implant
prosthesis just similar to those with natural teeth.

Gone are the
days, when people used to get embarrass because of falling dentures publically
or in social gatherings. In today’s world with advancement in dental practices,
dental implants is the foremost treatment alternative for replacement of few or
many missing teeth. Other than replacing an individual tooth, appropriately
placed few dental implants can support other restorations too like fixed
dentures & fixed dental bridges without the likelihood of falling out. 


The goal of
Dental cleaning or non-surgical periodontal therapy indicates maintenance of
good oral health via removal of the calculus & plaque from your teeth with
no damage to the roots of teeth.

The procedure
is relatively painless, accomplished with the use of ultrasonic scaler. There
was a time, when scaling was performed accompanied by manual dental instruments,
but in last decades with its fast & efficacious use ultrasonic scaler has
surpassed the use of traditional dental cleaning.

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